Oasis Costume - Super Sailor Moon Sailor Mars cosplay costume Sailor Raye fancy dress, $56.00 (http://www.oscostume.com/106)

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Character: Sailor Mars (Rei Hino) / From: 'Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon' Manga & 'Sailor Moon' Anime Series / Cosplayer: Nikki Warner (aka TechnoRanma, aka Quantum Destiny's Art & Costuming) (2012)

Above Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Cosplay is the best Mars Cosplay I’ve even seen :)! It is done by the Canadian girl – TechnoRanma. She made her own Sailor Mars costume, which looks perfec…

Sailor Senshi Tiara Tutorial by *Kapalaka on deviantART #cosplay #diy

"Sailor Senshi Tiara Tutorial by *Kapalaka on deviantART." OMG I've wanted one of these for yeeeeeears!

Sailor Mars: I like my girls with a little FIRE! ;-) ♥♥

Sailormoon - Super Sailor Mars Cosplay MINUS resin gem, earrings, tiara and little star for collar submitted 3 days ago

SAILOR MOON Tiara Jewel Headband - Choose Your Own COLOR - Cosplay Costume Headpiece - Hand Crafted Metal by RefreshingDesigns on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/259943634/sailor-moon-tiara-jewel-headband-choose

For all the awesome Sailor Moon fans out there! Here is my customizable choose your own color, Sailor Moon Tiara. It is crafted from flat