Sailor moon villians! #Fanart #SailorMoon

So many sailor moon villains! I just noticed why is there a lot of girl villains?

Queen Beryl, Mistress 9, Black Lady, Queen Nehelenia, Sailor Galaxia, and Moon Princess ^_^

Sailor Moon Villains / Galaxia, Queen Beryl, Queen Nehelenia, Black Lady and Mistress 9 surrounding Princess Serenity

Sailor Moon,  Kunsait, Zoisait

Sailor Moon fans have started re-drawing screencaps from the iconic show, and the results are pretty amazing.

Queen Nehelenia (#Dead Moon Circus)

Queen Nehelenia Dead Moon Circus Queen Neherenia Reina Neherenia Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Yume Sailor Moon Dreams Sailor Moon Super S

Sailor Moon dream dolly

Sailor moon dream dolly Whoever the original artist is, they should know this is the single most awesome peice of sailor moon fanart I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on

Sailor Moon 6: Art Book BSSM Original Picture Collection: Materials Collection at

Esmeraude is an alien from Nemesis and a member of the Black Moon Clan. She attacks by throwing.