Sakura Selfies #StreetFighter

Sakura Selfies

Homenaje a Street Fighter: 60 Hermosas Obras

Tribute to Street Fighter: 55 Beautiful Artworks

Stanley Lau has been asked by Capcom to provide the official artwork for the upcoming Street Fighter III Strike Online Edition. Being both an accomplished comic artist and a Street Fighter nerd, his work does not disappoint.

sakura-streetfighter-crmk_capcom_1129x1600_marked.jpg (1129×1600)

This illustration of Street Fighter character Sakura has been made by Japanese artist CRMK. He has been one of the most important artists for the Street Fighter series.

Sakura Street Fighter Obj - 3D Model

Sakura Street Fighter Obj - 3D Model


Loïc Locatelli Kournwsky is a French illustrator and comic artist that signed his first comics under the pseudonym "Reynard the Fox.

Street Fighter #8 Sakura Foil Cover

Street Fighter #8 Sakura Foil Cover

Sakura - Street Fighter #sakura #streetfighter #sf #cosplay

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