Oysters and salmon caviar in aspic. Les huîtres saumon et caviar en gelée

July is National Caviar Day! Real-deal caviar comes from sturgeon, but salmon roe is a good budget-friendly substitute. Try this recipe "Cannelini bean, salmon & caviar canapés"

Pink Salmon Caviar - 1kg (2.2 lbs) Grade No1

Pink salmon caviar, also known as gorbusha caviar, has an excellent flavor and satisfying texture.

25 of the Most Expensive Food Dishes Salmon and Caviar ; sushi-grade salmon, avocado, wasabi, yuzu juice and salmon caviar Read more: cookalmostanythin.

Salmon Caviar and Avocado Sushi Cake

Easy Doll Festival ☆ Salmon Caviar and Avocado Sushi Cake サーモン 寿司 すし

Best Brunch Recipes

Although Wolfgang Puck is best known for putting smoked salmon, caviar and dill-flecked crème fraîche on his designer pizzas, he also loves this trio of.

Caviar Cucumber Boats

Caviar Cucumber Boats: For a refreshing appetizer bite, try a sliced cool cucumber topped with whipped cream cheese, fresh dill, lemon zest and Romanoff Red Salmon Caviar.

Photo: Salmon Caviar Rice Bowl ("Ikura-don" in Japanese)|いくら丼 Ooooh I could eat 3 bowl of this!

Uni-Ikura-Don. Sea urchin and salmon caviar over rice. if u already got some fresh raw sea-urchins, raw salmon eggs+cod seconds fix & eats

Caviar-Egg Gem

Skipping the caviar, appetizer concept of a cracker and and an egg slice. perhaps with a little dob of paprika & mustard infused mayo for a teeny egg salad flavor.

Hors d’Oeuvres Salmon Caviar A great salmon caviar recipe to try ! Red caviar makes hors d’oeuvres exciting. Salmon Caviar IN.