Sam Eliot. I absolutely love his voice and his singular style. A great actor whose deep, resonant voice-over narration for various commercials, especially for the American Beef Council, is unmatched. I'd kill for that voice! "I was single-minded on what I wanted to do since I was like nine or ten." ~~ Sam Eliot - (Photo from the movie Tombstone).

Tombstone Turns 20, and the Mustaches Live On

I love Whoopi Goldberg, too, but this is by far the best picture I could find of Sam Elliot. Again, like Sean Connery, all he has to do is speak. "Beef. It's what for dinner." I'll have some, sir....

FATAL BEAUTY - Whoopi Goldberg & Sam Elliott portray two urban cops - Universal Pictures - Publicity Still.

Image result for sam elliott roadhouse pictures

Image result for sam elliott roadhouse pictures

OMG!! How sexy is this <3

American Cowboy chatted with "Tombstone" stars Val Kilmer and Sam Elliott about Westerns and the cowboy life.