Branding Package - Watercolor branding - Gold and purple - Sparkle logo…

Branding Package - Watercolor branding - Gold and purple - Sparkle logo - Photography logo and watermark - Watercolor Business cards

Middle School Classroom Management. So adding these to my procedures.

Has helpful ideas on how to create rules in the classroom and what rules are appropriate to set in the classroom.

Week 3: ABSTRACT NOUNS Word List. I know when coming up with my own word activities, all the words escape my head. Here's a helpful list, that will help that if it happen to you, too. From Free Teacher Worksheets.

3 abstract noun lists - abstract noun list of 27 examples, , 100 abstract nouns list, abstract noun list of 12 with definitions - designed for the classroom.

This We still do banner is perfect for all your anniversary parties. You can get this in silver tones for all those silver anniversary parties. Or you can also do it in red ribbons and accents for those 40th anniversaries!! A great way to really personalize your event!! I made it on 4x4 inch white chipboard pieces. Then I antiqued the edges in black acrylic paint. The letters I hand stamped in black as well. Then for the corner accents and heart I use whatever color you need the sample shows…

Wedding Anniversary Banner - 50th Anniversary Party Decorations - Gold Hearts We Still Do banner , 25th or 40th or 50th You Pick the Colors

herb garden labels.. $40.00, via Etsy.

Herb garden labels

Handmade clay & glaze herb markers - I really need to learn how to do this . glass tiles, clay, and metal letter stamps?

#Corporate #Letter Head - Stationery Print #Templates Download here:

Corporate Letter Head

Business card etiquette dictates that you should always carry your business card anywhere that you think there is even a small chance that you will be asked for it.

Common Job Hunting Mistakes you should Avoid & sample student resumes to get you started

infographic infographic : Don't make these common job search mistakes! Image Description infographic : Don't make these common job search mistak