Samurai Armor by ArtisansdAzure on Etsy

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Traditional inspired yet modern looking asian warrior costume. Love this style and combination of material choices.

“ Day 19 - Favorite weapon in Ancient Chinese Series. like what wuxiaedge has mentioned, Liu Shi Shi as Yan Sanniang is so totally badass wielding this weapon.

MADE THIS...used picture loosely to make a cardboard samurai costume

Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic

Ancient Asian Female General Armor Costume Complete Set

Ancient Asian Female General Armor Costume Complete Set (Helen, but with white & gold not red.

Cardboard samurai armor template by W00stersam

templates for a project in my sculpture course Cardboard samurai armor template

Samurai Leather Bracers - Red

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Halloween costume for 2014

When Danny was sixteen, he started collecting Japanese swords. But after he saw The Last Samurai as an adult, he knew swords weren& enough. He wanted his own suit of samurai armor. So, he spent two years of his life making one.