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These elaborate samurai helmets date to the peaceful Edo period so they were mostly for show.

Ancient Samurai Mask -Japan

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Japanese Samurai helmet, Kabuto

Samurai Kabuto, or simply Kabuto, the helmet of samurai, is said to be the most important, creative and valuable part of the entire Japanese.

36 plate suji bachi kabuto and menpo, 18th to 19th century, sabinuri urushi, maedate with sanskrit character surrounded of partly engraved flames, golden Mon (coat of arms) on Fukigaeshi (ear-shaped elements) with a stylized Fuji (Wisteria). This Fuji-Mon was famous, especially in connection with the noble house of Fujiwara.

36 plate suji bachi kabuto and menpo, to century, sabinuri urushi…

Japanese samurai helmet in details

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A red-laced armor with two-piece cuirass (Aka-odoshi Nimai-do gusoku) together with saddle and accessories Edo period century).

The original of the kabuto (helmet) of the Dragon Armour is interesting inasmuch as the bowl of the helmet came from the Momoyama period. The suji bachi style of bowl, with overlapped and riveted plates was typical of the finest helmet makers (katchu-shi) of this period, borne out by the signature of the Saotome smith ''Ienao'' on the back plate. The menpo (mask) is a typical ressei men of the type made in Nara.

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