Brief History of Samurai Warriors Infographic. Topic: Medieval, Middle ages, sword, katana,

Brief History of Samurai Warriors [Infographic]

Onna-bugeisha was a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. Samurai clans trained their daughters in the art of combat to either defend their homes when husbands went to war or for battle. Many women engaged in battle, commonly alongside samurai men. Battle scene forensic have shown that up to 30% of remains […]

Onna-Bugeisha: Female Samurai Warriors of Feudal Japan, 1800s

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becoming a samurai warrior and fighting in a mystical dimension is my nighttime job

There's something about playing video games in the dead of night with the lights off, volume turned down low so as not to wake anyone up, the glow of the TV creating a soft ambiance in your room.

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85 Samurai Tattoo Designs

You might think that skull tattoos symbolize death. Nothing could be further from the truth! But are you man enough to wear a Skull Tattoos for Men?

Samurai Warrior Painting Original Art Japan Style by SamuraiArt

Samurai Warrior Painting Original Art Japan Style Calligraphy Ink Artwork

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Warrior woman geisha samurai protecting pale blonde for contrast

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The face I redrew (but borrowed) from this amazing piece I found somewhere of a drawing of Musashi (can't remember where it came from or who drew the original).

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In battle, katana was typically paired with the medium sword wakizashi. Both were worn by members of the Japanese warrior class. The two weapons together were called the daisho, and represented the social power and personal honor of the samurai.