Onna-bugeisha was a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. Samurai clans trained their daughters in the art of combat to either defend their homes when husbands went to war or for battle. Many women engaged in battle, commonly alongside samurai men. Battle scene forensic have shown that up to 30% of remains […]

Onna-Bugeisha: Female Samurai Warriors of Feudal Japan, 1800s

vintage everyday: Woman Samurai Warrior – 12 Rare Vintage Photos of Japanese Ladies with Their Katana Swords

Discover some of the most interesting moments in history through this collection of rare historical photos.

Once You See These Rare Historical Photos, You’ll Never Forget Them, Especially #14

CGTalk - Samurai warrior, Hasan Bajramovic (3D) by Bront Plartaei.  # Dunia Bront Palaraeit: Memang barua(hebat) TOm Cruis: lain perasaan(differrenty piring.  Chuno1/2/3/4

Samurai "It is bad when one thing becomes two. One should not look for anything else in the Way of the Samurai. It is the same for anything that is called a Way. If one understands things in this manner, he should be able to hear about all ways and be mor

We can be all sorts of warriors, we don't need to physically attack people.                                                                                                                                                      More

Samurai Inspired Art Collection

There is something about this look that is otherworldly, the fact that it is a real photo makes it even more so----Samurai in full armor and wearing jinbaori (war coat). Photograph by Felice Beato.

Princess Kai, sister of Po, daughter of the Snow Queen.


Kai is thought to be Ujinaga Narita's daughter who is famous for her beauty and her act of.

Onna bugeisha Female samurai Warrior from Japan http://www.kusuyama.jp/the-powerful-onna-bugeisha-female-samurai-warrior/

Samurai Swords - Naginata Women in ancient Japan, as well as warrior monks, used the naginata, a sword on a long pole, for fighting.

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Samurai Warrior -- “A sword is only as strong as the heart that wields it.” | LEGO® minifigures | Series 3

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Samurai Warriors 2 – Nene

WARNING: ROOKIE ALERT. I AM NEW TO THIS WRITING THING SO I'M NOT GONN… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

WARNING: ROOKIE ALERT. I AM NEW TO THIS WRITING THING SO I'M NOT GONN… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad