Sandra Oh has one of the most expressive faces on television — at one moment hard and impassive, the next yearning, wry, tender, all while barely moving a muscle. That face, combined with GA's stellar writing, has made what could have been a stock medical-soap-opera surgeon into a woman we love and root for, even as we roll our eyes at her emotional cluelessness.

Sandra Oh Interview

Sandra Oh. So pretty in black and white. A Winter Star indeed. Just because you're asian doesn't mean you should necessarily be wearing earth-tones.

For Sandra Oh, Killing Eve marks a full-time return to American TV. Read more about BBC America’s upcoming cat-and-mouse thriller here.

"Being present is the actor’s job. Being aware of your body, in space, and the emotions that are occurring inside, is essential. Well, quite simply, the more aware one is—of yourself, of your surroundings, of other people—the more likely you are to respond truthfully."- Sandra Oh, introducing Mindful's Getting Started series in the April issue, on newsstands soon.

Ever wondered how to get into the mindset of mindfulness and meditation? Here is a great infographic, courtesy of Mindful Magazine!

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh (Born: Sandra Miju Oh - July 1971 - Nepean, Ontario, Canada) as…

Sandra Oh Talks About The Possibility Of Returning To Grey's Anatomy+#refinery29

Sandra Oh Talks About The Possibility Of Returning to Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh didn't exactly slam the door when asked about the possibility that Cristina Yang return to Grey's Anatomy.

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh, aka, Christina, has been and always will be my favorite!

Sandra Oh to Exit 'Grey's Anatomy' (Exclusive)

Reel Talk: 'Fresh Off the Boat' and Why It's Important For Us to Celebrate Asian-American Talent on the Small Screen

Farewell, Cristina Yang?Here Are 17 Times We Fell In Love With You on Grey's Anatomy! | E! Online Mobile

17 Times We Fell In Love With Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy

Farewell, Cristina Yang—Here Are 17 Times We Fell In Love With You on Grey's Anatomy! Grey's Anatomy, Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang "Grey's Anatomy" - Sandra Oh. I L.O.V.E her hair

Cristina Yang "Grey's Anatomy" - Sandra Oh-loooove her, she's an incredible actress and definitely my favorite on Grey's

Sandra Oh shines in Grey's Anatomy. Add her to your Endorfyn Likes:

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