Widow Forgives, Hugs Woman Who Killed Her Husband: 'I Know She is Going Through the Same Pain,' Sandra Walker Says

The widow of a man killed in a car crash in Georgia has forgiven the woman responsible for her husband's death. During sentencing, she even made a purposeful appearance in the court so she could offer a hug to the woman before leaving the courtroom.

Walkers, Derek and Sandra. Astrogranite base with road markings and blood on the Walker bases

Walkers, Derek and Sandra. Astrogranite base with road markings and blood on the Walker bases

Cute pregnancy announcement by Sandra walker

Pink or Blue A Baby's Due Pregnancy Announcement - w/ ultrasound photo - Digital File Available - Fruit Size Comparison - Pink Blue & Yellow

Sea shell paradise!! Cape San Blas Florida So true went summer 2013 we brought so many back home ... Huge ones to!!

A Week at the Beach in Cape San Blas, Florida

You may also be receiving more vibrant flashes in meditation or when lying in bed at night, eyes closed or open, and more pinpoints of light appearing in your energy fields. These are side-effect of the brain rewiring and the pineal responding to higher levels of light. -Sandra Walker https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5fhMd6k1ro0

Why did I waste my time on design when I could still be practicing photography? hmphf -form, contrast in space, texture. positive and negative

We have a small vessel attempting to hold very large aspects of Self; like squeezing a star into a pebble. We become conduits of Solar beingness while in form, because the True Self is huge. This is why we practice expansion; so the light does not destroy the physical. - Sandra Walker

The third shadow, Functional atheism, the belief that ultimate responsibility for everything rests with us. Like carrying the world

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Comedy Wildlife 2017 - WINNER of the Alex Walker’s Serian On The Land category “The Laughing Dormouse” by Andrea Zampatti.