I already posted this but when you get an excuse to hold someone you like's hand. Gosh it's a weird feeling.-KNS

When holding hands…

Doodle Time: Sarah See Andersen Comics. How I felt w Dan when we first started dating lol


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7 Weirdos You'll See on Public Transportation. Comic. Sarah Anderson. Funny.

7 Weirdos You'll See on Public Transportation

Sarah's Scribbles

Funny pictures about Female Friendships. Oh, and cool pics about Female Friendships. Also, Female Friendships photos.

Sarah C. Andersen ☆

sarahseeandersen: I’m trying. It’s a lot easier to get pregnant than it is to find clean matching socks.

Sarah C. Andersen ☆

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I have anxiety attacks st random moments and it is just the worst because everyone knows me as a confident enough to speak in front of a crowd extrovert

Sarah Anderson. Funny. College humor. Comic. Why High School is the Biggest Waste of Your Life

Why High School is the Biggest Waste of Your Life