Sarah Palin vs. Mitch McConnell

Barracuda Brigade: Palin Mauls Obama ~ Smokin Hot FB Post ~ Gonna Leave Scars ~ Read Here.

Sarah Palin  Christian and patriot~

never heard of diplomacy. Statesmanship and tact are weaknesses to her. Bring on the big guns and kill our children for any perceived slight. Oh, and it's Obama's fault that her son, who ne er saw action, beat his wife supposedly due to PTSD

"If not for liberals and their crazy sexual urges there wouldn't be babies born out of wedlock.  Abstinence needs to be the law of the land." - Sarah Palin, FOX 'News'. March 4, 2014.... What folksy adage did she say when she discovered her own daughter, Bristol to be a liberal...TWICE!

Annemarie Weers on

How's that working out for your family? I guess Old Looney Tunes trampy daughter Bristol is a secret liberal! Two kids created out of wedlock either equals a liberal or a lying, amoral hypocrite in her own words.

Let me tell YOU how to act.  You ain't doing it right.  Sarah Palin and her American Family Values should be in question.  Unless of course, you are exhibiting white trash with money issues, then nevermind.

Sarah Palin Is One Smart Cookie. (Please note sarcasm font.What Crazy Sh*t Republicans Say!

NO ONE CAN ERASE the media attacks on Sarah Palin’s family, So is this fair?

Odd woman out? For the second straight day, Sarah Palin is conspicuously absent from a list of featured GOP convention speakers

18 Very Sweary British Words You Need To Use Right Now

18 Very Sweary British Words You Need To Use Right Now

Looks like Dawn Wells from Gilligan's Isle to me. #Sarah Palin

Sarah sure would make a heckuva Gidget, darn it!