diagram of a double hung sash window

Parts that make up a Sash Window. Top Rail: The top horizontal framing member of a sash. Rebated (SEE GLAZING BAR) on the outside. Box Frame: Sometimes referred to as a ‘jamb’, the main box frame consists of three TIMBER LININGS. Sash Cord: The w

The right--and easiest--way to paint a double-hung window. | Illustration: Aaron Ashley | thisoldhouse.com

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Sash window draught proofing diagram

At Ventrolla, we repair, restore and replace sash windows for both domestic and commercial clients across the UK.

At Ventrolla, we provide sash window removal services across the UK.

For ease of future cleaning, painting and maintenance we have developed the unique Ventrolla Sash Removal System.

Save Money With Barn Sash Windows - Utilitarian barn sash windows are perfect for sheds. Basically you order the sash—the movable part with glass—and build a simple frame to hold it. Add a few hinges and hold-open hardware and you've got an inexpensive, nice-looking window. If you want a screen, you'll have to build a separate frame and staple screening to it.

DIY Shed Building Tips

Save Money With Barn Sash Windows - Utilitarian barn sash windows are perfect…

How to Repair Sash Windows

How to Repair Sash Windows

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Another little guide on restoring sash windows - the photo looks familiar....

How To Restore Sash Windows