Rupert is so like Ron

What 10 Harry Potter Actors Said About Their Roles. Lucius Malfoys is THE BEST lol a really bitchin hairdo

I luv that part when George says "Morning" because it just makes u thing oh my gosh George why do u have to make things so awkward all the time

Harry Potter actors tell their characters' favorite lines. ~It's so weird how some of those are my favorite lines from them too.

Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go. THIS DRAMA IS TOPS. Seriously. Oh my god. The feels in this. The writing. And all of the acting was spectacular. I was never for a second bored watching this drama. It follows the students belonging to two separate groups of an elite high school and their interactions with each other and the pressure or influence from the adults in their lives. This drama is one of the best I've ever watched. And one I will definitely watch repeatedly.

My new favorite high school kdrama. Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go


Troian flipping off the camera on national tv is my favorite thing ever.

Excuse the cursing but oh man HAHAHAHA DYLAN!!!!!! <<< are we going to ignore the fact that Minho's answer would be the same as Ki Hong's

Excuse the cursing but oh man HAHAHAHA KI HONG! <<< are we going to ignore the fact that Minho's answer would be the same as Ki Hong's

Lauren Lane. One of my favourite actresses. She looks fabulous with the grey hair, and I love the style!  I wish mine would go more silvery like this.  Ms Lane really needs to be gracing our televisions again!  And, lord-willing, I will get the chance to see her on stage... one day.

The Cast Of "The Nanny" Then And Now

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What will happen if the Supernatural cast met Stiles.. Yeah, go ahead stiles ! Woo Woo !

What would happen if the Supernatural cast met Stiles. Stiles would shove everything they deal out back at them until they admit they exist in the same world.

Ji Soo, Eunji, and Lee Won Geun on the set of Cheer Up!

25 Fun photos of the Cheer Up cast palling around on set

“Sassy Go Go” cast reveal their thoughts on the end of the drama -

Sassy Go Go, cute drama about youth and love and how they come together to fight against adults who dont always know whats best.

Cast of “Sassy Go Go” Snaps Playful Photo Together

The cast of KBS's Monday-Tuesday drama "Sassy Go Go" has posted a friendly behind-the-scenes photo. A Pink's Jung Eun Ji, Lee Won Geun, VIXX's N, and Ji So

“Sassy Go Go” Cast Share Feelings About End of Drama

I love Jensen's sassy/confused face as Jared is a confused moose/puppy hybrid while Mark and Misha are so happy and all for it

i love that Mark and Misha just know, and are just as clueless as Sam and Dean. it would be the best Meta episode ever! "Does anybody translate British?