John Travolta as Tony Manero in 1977's Saturday Night Fever.

Saturday nut fever: Squirrel strikes John Travolta pose

Tony Manero, Dancefloor icon: The original John Travolta strut, 'Saturday Night Fever', S)

“Saturday Night Fever”

Media Review – “Saturday Night Fever”

Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta (Tony Manero) & Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie). Brings back my disco memories from high school in 1977 :))

Saturday Night Fever, The Bee Gees + Various Artists, 1977. Interestingly, while Saturday Night fever has a pumpin' soundtrack, it's a pretty grim, urban film. Aesthetically the cover is revolting but it sold a bundle.

Saturday Night Fever Original Movie Sound Track Double Album LP 1977

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, 1977 oh, the amount of my youth I spent watching this movie. Tony taught me how to dance.

Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, 1977 the first X rated film I ever saw. I was 16 and I thought Travolta was gorgeous.

This disco ball represents dancing, for more ideas please visit

A sparkling disco ball can be hung from the roof above the dance floor displaying moving and sparkling lights. Disco balls were used in the

Saturday Night Fever

A series of five images commissioned by Paramount Channel / Viacom, illustrating five of the top 100 Paramount Pictures film.

Saturday Night Fever - released not long after I graduated from high school KAO 1/23/16

John Travolta as Tony Manero and Karen Lynn Gorney as Stephanie in Saturday Night Fever - 1977

Disco Dreams ~ 70’s fever, disco ball, bright colors, posters. inspiration: studio 54, saturday night fever, charlie’s angels. More

Disco Dreams ~ fever, disco ball, Studio Saturday Night Fever, Charlie’s Angels.