Love this video!! Saturday Night Fever (Bee Gees, You Should be Dancing) John Travolta HD 1080 with Lyrics

Saturday Night Fever (Bee Gees, You Should be Dancing): John Travolta - what an incredible dancer (and actor).

Saturday Night Live

Sia's "Elastic Heart" SNL Performance Is Even More Incredible Than the Video

The originals of Saturday Night Live!  Oh, so young!  Just like us!  :)

Memorable Saturday Night Live Skits

Saturday Night Live first aired on October and for the past thirty five years has produced some of the best comical moments on television. Saturday Night Live has featured in its cast some of the best comedic talents including Chevy.

Couldn't wait to see this as soon as it came out. I had the album too. Albums....

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. such a good movie and sound track. My oldest brother looked just like John Travolta !

Who didn't watch "Saturday Night Fever......LOVE THAT MOVIE......ONE OF MY…

New York Movies - (1970s - 1980s)

Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta (Tony Manero) & Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie). Brings back my disco memories from high school in 1977 :))

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■ Night Fever ■ Bee Gees ■ A theme song from the 1977 John Badham film "Saturday Night Fever" with John Travolta & Karen Lynn Gorney.

I love this skit, it's even better when he can't keep a straight face while saying his line. I've been told he doesn't get to see the funny parts of his script before his skit. So his reactions would be even better.

Stefon's 10 Best Moments From SNL

bill hader (the one & only) as stefan this is by far my favorite SNL character

Saturday Night Live cast season 2 (1976-1977)  I have loved SNL from the very start in 1975 when I was 13 yrs old!

John Belushi, Legend (26 photos)

Original Saturday Night Live Cast ~ "The Not Ready for Prime Time Players".

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Goodnight everyone! Saturday nights are wonderful for chilling out and enjoying the little things in life. Wishing you a wonderful evening and heavenly dreams. Many blessings

This Hilarious "SNL" Video Perfectly Captures What It's Like Going Home For The Holidays

This Hilarious "SNL" Video Perfectly Captures What It's Like Going Home For The Holidays

Back Home Ballers SNL video: Saturday Night Live’s Thanksgiving song pays tribute to chilling at your parents’.

Vintage Saturday Night Live. We would talk about it the next day in Sunday School while playing ping pong...

Original SNL Cast - Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, John Belushi, and Gilda Radner