YES!!! Anybody else live by these rules for their saturday? #weekendliving

Saturdays = big shirts, messy hair, music and coffee! The best way to spend a weekend.

Happy Saturday!!! Preworkout kicking in time to Plyometric my way into a full blown sweat! What's on your plate today?!? #happysaturday #helloweekend #workitout by @merthebear via

Still suffering with frozen shoulder! But got my basic lawn cutting and weeding done! Off to meet gardener writer friends for a chat cheer up. Have an awesome gardening weekend!

29 Happy and Funny Saturday Quotes with Images

Happy Saturday!!  I am up before the rest of the family for some 'me' time!! This quote resonated with me because when I set my intentions for the day and I spend time reading first thing in the morning I have a better attitude for the day!  So this morning it's personal development first! -you might wake up feeling rusty from the week! You might be exhausted from the grind of your 9-5 being a parent or being the taxi driver to your kids. But remember that when you feel your soul you begin…

set your positive intentions for the day//you might wake up feeling rusty from the week, exhausted from the grind, but remember when you feel your soul, you begin to sweep off the dust and shine again!

Good morning beautiful souls happy Saturday be kind to yourself today - funny Saturday quotes

Funny Saturday quotes is the most amazing collection of weekend quotes to remove the stress of busy working days. Saturday is the most awaiting day in week.