Saul Steinberg 1950s. Really fun way of playing with packaging.

Saul Steinberg 1914 Steinberg defined drawing as "a way of reasoning on paper".

Saul Steinberg and Inge Morath's Masquerade.

Saul Steinberg’s Mask series in the Foam Magazine by Inge Morath, 1962 - Ananas à Miami

Le Derrière Cri                                                       …

Le Derrière Cri

mcnallyperiodicals: “ Le Derrière Cri, “behind the cry”(?), “behind the art”, “the cry of the ass”(? Now here’s le subversive! I know we make pronouncements like this around here ALL THE TIME.

Essential question The authors struggle for identity The author through the story had each sister changing a lot from mate being a quite girl to  becoming a rebel. or Trujillo acting godly to us as the reader finding out his true colors. Everyone through the story constantly changed their identity for the good or the bad change was bound to come.

Saul Steinberg dans Égoïste

Saul Steinberg Fingerprint Man, 1951 I love the idea of recreating this with children, cutting a simple stencil out to create the clothing contrast. A great way to explore fingerprints whilst creating stunning art!


The amazing cartoon world of Saul Steinberg a Jewish Romanian-born American cartoonist and illustrator

Chi è il digitale terrestre –  Saul Steinberg, Gag Man : The New Yorker

Saul Steinberg, Gag Man

Chi è il digitale terrestre – Saul Steinberg, Gag Man : The New Yorker