50 Ways to Save Water for Brownie WOW Journey.  http://www.seminolecountyfl.gov/envsrvs/watercon/images/savewater.gif

Great poster for Brownies doing the WOW! Wonders of Water program. A few are only applicable to FL, but most work anywhere. Thanks Seminole County Environmental Services for the great infographic.

A bathtub divider is perfect for saving water and time

This ings such a good idea! (Especially in drought ridden California) A bathtub divider is perfect for saving water and time

These days, “going green” is all the rage. But it’s more than just a few buzz words to toss around: it’s a sustainable lifestyle choice focusing on ways to preserve and improve the Earth. Recycling, reducing energy use and conserving water are all important elements. Here are a few tips for conserving water in your apartment.

"The average American family of four can live on 3 gallons of water a day. Yet, 400 gallons is closer to the daily usage.

The many uses for waterbrush; how to use them with different mediums.  This is quite a guide from jetpens

The waterbrush tip size determines how much water is dispensed with each brush stroke. Fine brushes release less water per stroke and are good for detail work while large brushes are suited for covering larger areas.

With summer approaching, many cities and municipalities are introducing water conservation measures to reduce water consumption, such as regulating when and how long you are able to water your lawn. Also, water meters are being installed for billing purposes, changing homeowner billings from a flat rate system to a user pay system.

Water conservation tips to help you during the California drought, Every drop counts. Reduce your water usage.

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