I love this beautiful painting and it's perspective of Jesus on the water .Love how you can see his bare feet on the waters surface with his sweet hand reaching down -ALWAYS. It reminds me of a poem  I loved as a teenager. It was  about acknowledging the hand that pulls you up.

Yongsung Kim Painter art Jesus reaching hand through water to lift you out. This is beautiful. Jesus Christ's hand is outstretched no matter how deep we get or how drowned we feel.

Picture tutorial: make new fabric using your fabric savings & wee bits of offcuts that are too small to be useful (you can also cut up wee bits of fluffy wool, ribbon, sparkly threads etc.) and soluble fabric

Use Every Wee Bit of fabric. Pile on foundation fabric, top with water soluble fabric, stitch around edge to hold in, then meander stitch. Soak in water to remove water soluble fabric. Super idea for someone like me who hates to waste anything.

Count your blessings today! (via @UNICEF) Support clean water rights for every human being every where!

Water is Sacred! Give Gratitude and Stand Up and Protect! "THANK YOU Water Protectors! * Count your Blessings today! (via Support clean water rights for every human being every where!

"Freakshakes" at Molly Bakes in London

Both domestic and inbound tourists would most likely want to visit 'Freakshakes' as, the parlor specializes in ridiculously large, beautiful and unique milkshakes topped with an array of different desserts.

adrift.... see the wee boat on the top wave

A simple printmaking example of black outlines of waves spiraling about