New poster for Saving Mr. Banks.  Comes out in theaters for Christmas 2013, the true story of how Mary Poppins made it to the big screen. Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney! #disneymovies #disney #savingmrbanks

New Saving Mr. Banks Poster: Disney & The Making of Mary Poppins! (In Theaters December 2013

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson star in Saving Mr. Banks--a movie inspired by the untold backstory of a promise made by Walt Disney to his daughters to turn their favorite book, L.P Travers' "Mary Poppins" into a film. Take the family to see it.

Saving Mr.Banks - This movie is just perfect

I pinned this because. Saving Mr Banks (I've watched the last two thirds of this movie four times, I've still never seen the beginning! Grandpa always puts it on when I go round because he thinks Tom Hanks is brilliant in it)

Have you seen #SavingMrBanks? Do you have a favorite scene? See it in select cities now, in theaters everywhere Friday. Get tickets:

Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks in Saving Mr. Banks, the story behing the making of Mary Poppins.

Saving Mr Banks


Annie Rose Buckley as the young Helen Goff played a very good role in Saving Mr Banks, as did Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

Emma Thompson/P.L. Travers  Tom Hanks/Walt Disney  -Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

I love Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, but Mary Poppins is my all-time favorite movie, first I saw in theaters as a kid. 'Mary Poppins, She Wrote' author discusses P.L Travers, 'Saving Mr.

3 Things to Do Before Seeing Saving Mr. Banks

3 Things to Do Before Seeing Saving Mr. Banks

The poem from Saving Mr. Banks - prefer it said in the dulcet cockney tones of Burt.. Aka Dick van Dyke

The poem from Saving Mr. Banks <--It's part of the "Mary Poppins" music soundtrack sung by Bert at the beginning of the movie, you uncultured swine!