Spinach & Cheese Savoury Muffins

Delicious savoury muffins packed full of vegetables like spinach and peppers; perfect for a family lunch or a kids afternoon snack! With scrambled eggs

Sun-dried tomato & pesto savoury muffins

Perfect cheese scones

The reputation of a scone rises and falls on its height – here’s how to make sure your savoury treat reaches for the stars

Turkish Gozleme with Lamb - savoury homemade flatbreads from scratch filled with ground lamb, spices, herbs and feta cheese - such a delicious healthy meal full of flavour

Cheese & Garlic Muffins

Cheese & Garlic Muffins - This is like cheesy BUTTERY garlic bread.in muffin form! Needed more cheese, butter and garlic.

Inspiration: Savoury Rosemary-Parmesan Mini Madeleines, served with seafood bisque.

Cheese and Bacon Bread Bake Cake (Strata)

Breakfast recipe: Cheese Bacon Strata Cake (Savoury Bread Pudding / Bread Bake) - made with just bread, eggs, milk, cheese and bacon. Great make ahead for feeding a crowd!

Cheese and Bacon Swirls

Recipe with video instructions: It's everything delicious in your life, all rolled up into a cute little package. Ingredients: 1 pack all butter puff pastry, 5 back bacon rashers, sliced into

Garlic Cheddar and Chive Scones

Garlic Cheddar Chive Scones (Perfect with a little smear of butter. Serve these chive scones for brunch or tea time.

How to Make a Vegan Egg Wash for Baking

Wondering how to make a vegan egg wash for baking? This post will give you a few ways you can make egg wash substitutes for your sweet and savoury baked goods. #veganeggwash #veganbaking #vegansubstitutes via @delighfuladv

Savory Asiago Lemon Thyme Shortbreads --- another pinner said "this super easy slice & bake appetizer is HEAVEN with a glass (or two) of chilled wine!

Cheesy sage and garlic bread

Cheesy sage and garlic bread From the Liguria region of Italy, this classic starter moves beyond a simple garlic bread recipe to showcase sage.