Bellamy Young, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn #EWTGIT

10 Stunning Portraits from EW’s Shondaland Shoot

Best. Scene. Ever. #Olitz #Scandal I've watched this clip over and over!

Olivia and Fitz. This is one of the most romantically sad and passionate scenes I Have ever seen. Great acting and writing.

It's Handled: We Found You A Shondaland Gif for Every Occasion

Shondaland Gifs

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Olivia & Fitz (full view)

gladiatorobsessed: beliskner: THX bananadome for pointing me in the right direction :) now please all enjoy some HQ Beautiful. Is Kerry not wearing shoes?

How To Dress Like Olivia Pope? [Infographic]

How To Dress Like Olivia Pope? [Infographic]

Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope on the ABC show “Scandal” steals every scene with her elegant yet classic style. Here’s how you can steal Olivia Pope’s style: How to dress like Olivia Pope [Infographic] by the team at kerry-washingtonfan.