Scandinavian Home 2/24

Floral Glasses / Scandinavian design by Green Gate

Vintage Stoneware Mugs Hand Painted Blue and White

Vintage, Stoneware Mugs, Hand Painted, Blue and White, Swedish, Norwegian, Folk Art, Rosemaling Design, Scandinavian Kitchen, Farmhouse

Guest Picks: Scandinavian-Chic Kitchenware

Hasami Black Porcelain Mug

Socks Rolled Down Tumbler - contemporary - cups and glassware - Marimekko

Sukat makkaralla - waterclass by Anu Penttinen, sand

Blue Mugs Stoneware Hand Painted Scandinavian Design Blue

Blue Mugs, Stoneware, Hand Painted, Scandinavian Design, Blue Daisies, Folk Art, Coffee Cup, Coffee Mug, Kitchen Decor, Scandinavian Art

Hand Painted Vase Green Glass Hand Painted Scandinavian

Hand Painted Vase Green Glass Hand Painted Scandinavian

Stoneware Mugs Teal Blue Coffee Mugs Coffee Cups Hand

Stoneware Mugs, Teal Blue, Coffee Mugs, Coffee Cups, Hand Painted, Scandinavian Design, Norwegian, Swedish, Rosemaling, Folk Art

Set of 2 Marimekko Sukat Makkaralla Green Glasses - modern - cups and glassware - by Crate&Barrel

loose sock tumbler by marimekko

4 JSC Fantasia MId Century Espresso Cups Danish Modern

4 JSC Fantasia MId Century Espresso Cups, Danish Modern Espresso Cups, Scandinavian Style Demitasse Cups, S. Okamoto for JSC Mugs

Glass Wine Glass Black Stems Hand Painted Scandinavian

Glass, Wine Glass, Black Stems, Hand Painted, Scandinavian, Rosemaling, Bauernmalerei, Folk Art, Original Design, Tableware, Table Decor

Nordic Wool Thermo Cups, Orange/Yellow, Medium, Set of 2 - contemporary - cups and glassware - Creative Danes

Featuring a pattern inspired by warm Norwegian knitted sweaters, these cups keep the contents warm but never become hot to the touch. Nordic Wool Thermo Cups by Menu Scandinavian.

Bobby Flay Ombre Highball Glass Set, Teal contemporary glassware

Bobby Flay Ombre Highball Glass Set, by Kohl's

Glass Drinking Glasses Wine Glasses Tableware Serve Hand

Glass, Drinking Glasses, Wine Glasses, Tableware, Serve, Hand Painted, Scandinavian Design, Bauern, Folk Art

Taika Dinnerware - Klaus Haapaniemi 2007

Finnish design glassware and dishes are a delight in every home!

Black on black ✔️ #ceramics #pottery #keramik #interior #home #hackney #hoxton #hjem #skandihus #danish #danskdesign #danishdesign #scandinaviandesign #scandinavian #scandinavianstyle #monochrome #minimal #minimallove #design #lovemyjob #turningearthuk #handmade #crafts #londonfoodies #rustic #foodie #black : @charliemckay

These diamond pots by Skandihus have all been hand made using a technique called "pinching" where the pot is formed from one ball of clay.

Here is a cup that combines well-thought-out Danish design with all the advantages of a thermo mug. The beautiful, hand-drawn motif emphasises the symbiosis of form between Japanese minimalism and cool Scandinavian calm.  The Thermo Cups keep temperatures steady at both ends of the scale, and so are well-suited to all kinds of refreshing ice-cold or invigorating hot drinks, such as coffee, tea, sake, toddies, punch, smoothies or other fruit drinks. The insulating gap also means that the cups…

Thermo Cup, Black Contour, Large - contemporary - cups and glassware - Creative Danes