Minimalist Living Room Ideas & Inspiration to Make the Most of Your Space

30+ Minimalist Living Room Ideas & Inspiration to Make the Most of Your Space

Zadia floor lamp with its slim styling, elegant balance is a perfect addition for modern, Scandinavian inspired rooms

Zadia Floor lamp

The Samson Lamps by Modish Living is an uber chic lamp with strong Scandinavian influences represented throughout the design. Stylish and elegant at the same time!

Get a mid century modern Scandi-inspired look with our beautiful grey Myers Sofa and some stylish copper accessories, including our Round Copper Wall Mirror and Copper Angled Floor Lamp

Explore chic and stunning wallpaper ideas and inspiration for the living room on Domino. Domino shares wallpaper ideas for your living room with beautiful prints and bold colors.

77 Gorgeous Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design Scandinavian-dining-room-with-minimalist-light-feature

I love decadent meals with great food and great company. With the perfect dining room set up, every meal becomes a social affair to look forward to! Here are our top 10 pins for dining room inspiration this week

Articulated Scandinavian Floor Lamp 9

Articulated Scandinavian Floor Lamp

Articulated Scandinavian Floor Lamp 9

The perfect greige and marble love - Scandinavian Simplicity

Love these - I've put the Topps Tiles version on here which look nice. although worth checking if they're all uniform as that might look a bit odd.

Here’s a room that’s just brimming with refurbished industrial style. The exposed brick wall, along with a. few homely touches creates a unique atmosphere. You can afford to be a little creative with room colour ideas here, so long as you stick to a muted palette. The splash of blue vibrancy is exquisite here. Read more at:

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This house is an exhilarating collection of antiques that give it an authentic look and feel. The antique items were meticulously collected by the owners over a period of