Pewter Cheese Buttons// who ever heard of a cheese button??

Pewter Cheese Buttons SKU: Cheese Buttons, made of pewter from Norway, give your fingers a place to grip a block of cheese when slicing. Decorated with a traditional rosemaling design.

Who Cut the Cheese? Thor Bjørklund, That's Who!   History of the cheese slicer.

Who Cut the Cheese? Thor Bjørklund, That's Who!

Learn about the origins of the cheese slicer, invented by Thor Bjørklund of Norway.

Awesome Norwegian invention...*the perfect cheese slicer

The mooses are coming. and a delightfully happy group they are! The Moose Herd is designed by Sweden's Heidi Lange.


‘Brunost’ – Brown Cheese, A Scandinavian Specialty

Norwegian cheese slicer

Norwegian cheese slicer

Janssons Frestelse: Rikets bästa recept! Swedish Christmas food!

This creamy potato and fish gratin is called Janssons frestelse in Swedish, which means Jansson’s temptation (apostrophes don't exist in Sweden). The recipe was first published in 1940 and quickly became established as a classic of the Swedish Christmas d