scar- One of my most favorite things about this Character is that Scar had the voice of Jeremy Irons, whom I am obsessed with.  He could read me the telephone book and I'd be in heaven...

Claudius is like scar from the Lion King. He kills his own brother and tries to take over a kingdom

LION KING! I'm not sure if this is considered Disney or not but....who cares

HAHAHA Be Prepared (Lion King)/Harry Potter crossover. I love the internet. Two of my favorites.

Undertale: The Lion King. Chara with Jeremy Irons voice would be funny  Source:

Undertale: The Lion King. Chara with Jeremy Irons voice would be -from-the-lion-king

Loki and The Lion King by ~Licsi on deviantART. I can tots picture Loki singing Be Prepared.

alice brans posted Scar is Loki's favorite Disney character. to their -wonderful world of disney- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Funniest Disney Memes | Disney - yurpe

So first, Disney turns Hamlet into the Lion King. And then Star Wars turns into Hamlet too. Therefor, Star Wars is the Lion King. MY GOD

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Et si les animaux de Disney étaient des humains

Scar in The Lion King: Jeremy Irons | Here's What The Voices Of Disney Villains Look Like In Real Life

Scar in The Lion King: Jeremy Irons

I got "Be Prepared" - Lion King! We Know Your Favorite Disney Villain Song Based On Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song

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Disney Challenge Day 13 (favorite villain): Scar from The Lion King. Villain with class :)

Day Least Favorite Song- "Be Prepared" (from "The Lion King"). It's just not one of my favorite arrangements and I really hate Scar and his voice.