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Top 35 Relationship Quotes

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"All relationships have one law. Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you're there."

20 Love Quotes To Remind You To Stay Together — Even When Times Get Really, Really Tough

The EX Factor - All relationships have one law. Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when youre there. The Comprehensive Guide To Getting Your EX Back

I told you everything and how I was hurt but you still managed to hurt me in almost the same way. Just threw me out like a piece of trash.

Someone from Murfreesboro posted a whisper, which reads "I'm scared to love again.I'm scared to get hurt again.I'm scared of being lied to again.I'm scared of being thrown away like garbage "

You can't be afraid that something won't work out. Even if you don't get all the way to the point that you want with your goals you will learn and be better. Look at how much you achieved last year with your racing.

I remember people telling me that “we” would never make it.I’ll forever be grateful for our time together.

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But I don't want to loose you because whenever I think about not having you in my life my teeth start to hurt. My heart starts to beat weird and it's hard to breath. Your my but I know it's not the same the other way around

Man geht, weil keiner sagt, dass man bleiben soll. Man kommt, weil jemand sagt komm. So einfach ist es, wenn du den selbstverlogegen bedeutungsquatsch raus nimmst. (Beauty Soul)

Is everything you're giving so much effort to reciprocating that effort? It's a whirlwind of satisfaction in life when you know the truth and who is the truth 💯

I gave my all this time around ...

Heart Touching Sad Love Quotes I Miss You Let Me Correct Sad love quotes about love life sayings "I miss you. No, let me correct that, I miss the old you, t

Trust Issues Quotes About Relationships

11+ Awesome And Best Quotes About Relationships -

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