The new Pennywise

The new Pennywise

ik ben heel ergbang van clowns

Dead silence movie prop evil clown horror puppet haunted dummy ooak insidious it

Scary clown! Hide! Hide! I think this is a bloke @BleedingFilms Jack might know!

I like that mouth cage design, could be done with plastic coat hangers _ Scary clown

Scary clown - Free hugs! Meme Yay!

Dana Vespoli on

This is so scary my sister an me are scared of clowns it just gives me shivers thinking about clowns 😳😥😵😲😦😧😯😶😐😮😬😐😑

*                                                       …

Clown Kavity - Horrify Me, horror photography and portraits of rotting zombies…

Potential Bobo the Clown

WOWIndows Slammy the Clown Window Poster

Pennywise the clown special FX makeup idea / Looks awesome paired with some blood-red FX contact lenses:

The Best Scary Halloween Clown Mask- Halloween latex mask pin-board by Asher Socrates.

Clowns   (Yikes!) Based on how clowns used to look you'd think they were supposed to scare children into behaving...

This is why I don't take my kids to the circus! I hate clowns!