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Mummy Costume

Want to know how to make a DIY mummy costume? If you need some inspiration or ideas for mummy costumes, then this list is just the thing you.

Slappy - Halloween Costume. Scary!

Slappy - Halloween Costume Contest at

Latasha: My son is wearing a Slappy the Dummy costume. He loves Goosebumps books and Night of the Living Dummy is one of his favorites, so he wanted to be Slappy.

Daughter's Halloween Costume - Imgur

Daughter's Halloween Costume

edward scissorhands kid halloween costume

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

I think this is what I'm going to be for Halloween

Kids dressed as SHADOWS for Halloween - their mother bought black morph suits for them then layered black clothes over those. This may be the scariest thing ever! ^^^ I was a shadow last year, but I just wore all black clothes and a cape.

kiddo zombie or great base idea for a scary scarecrow  :)

Now THAT'S a kid's costume & makeup for Halloween! Kenny would make a pretty adorable Jack Skellington. and Tattoo could be zero!

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