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Why do people say chicken as a term for coward?  Have you ever met a chicken?  Those things will fuck you up.

Why do people say chicken as a term for coward? Have you ever met a chicken? Those things will fyou up.

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How to start a journal

whats a good small business to start, how to start our business, how do i start small business - A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there - Jane Travis

Many of us do things which others find scary.  I knew someone who was very successful in the uk but she decided to give it all up and emigrate to New Zealand.  Giving up everything would put many people off, but she can always come back with the knowledge that she had the guts and determination to give it a go. Making changes is scary, but regrets are even scarier.   Do you need the motivation to do something? we can help you. Take a look at our website to find out how…

This has been a driver behind a big decision of mine lately. It scares me, but I don't want to wake up one day lamenting my fear.

Starting over isn't always bad!

I'm never afraid. Take it minute by minute, breath by breath and I'll survive. I've had to do it before I can do it again 😕

Quote on anxiety: Anxiety isn't something that goes away; it's something you learn to control. www.HealthyPlace.com

This is the most important thing for people who try to help others who have anxiety: it will never go away so don't tell people its just a phase, try help them get through it 💜

I miss you more each day and I fear the future like this

PTSD - I am good for a while. I'll talk more, laugh more. Sleep and eat normally. But then something happens, like a switch turns off somewhere. And all I am left with is the darkness of my mind. But each time it seems like I sink deeper and deeper.