Oblivion   Alton Towers scary!!! won tickets x 4 twice so 8 tickets and fasttrack Smiler Tickets with twitter June 2013

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Oblivion Alton Towers is the second best ride there the smiler just beats it

scary roller coaster of the world | ... roller coaster and eejanaika the world s scariest mofuggin ride ever

24 Most Awesome Roller Coaster Rides in the World scary roller coaster of the world

If this looks fun to you, you've got a problem....

World’s Steepest Roller Coaster (video)

Bucket List: Takabisha, Japan the world’s steepest roller coaster, has a free falling angle of 121 degrees, at a whooping top speed of km/h). Takabisha stands tall and is in length and will open at the park on the foothills of Mt Fuji on July 16

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10 Scariest Thrill Rides on the Planet

Colossus Thorpe Park Chertsey, Surrey, U. This roller coaster holds the record for number of inversions: It flips riders over and over and over again.

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Amazing underwater rollercoaster in Japan

You can find this amazing rollercoaster at the Cosmo Land amusement park in Yokohama, Japan. The Vanish rollercoaster features a terrifying and exciting dr

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I actually thought of this idea of a roller coaster a long time ago. It's actually a real roller coaster. I guess its meant to be. I should ride it.

Scariest Roller Coasters Video. Feels like you are there. Outdoor and Inside roller coasters. Do you dare? I double dare ya!

Feels like you are there. Outdoor and Inside roller coasters. Do you dare? I double dare ya!

Scary Roller Coasters | millennium-force

Not on your life! Ride Millennium Force, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio - Bucket List Dream from TripBucket

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Top Thrill Dragster is a steel, hydraulically-launched roller coaster located at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. It was the first "Strata Coaster," loosely defined as a complete circuit coaster that is 400 to 499 feet tall.

how about trying a vertical velocity?    [got this clip from Youtube while searchin on rollercoasters]

The scariest rollercoaster of all time?