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Keep safe from all those dumb "repost or else" chain posts <that's three safety animals for me!

it would be better if they phrased it like this: Hush little baby, don't say a word and nevermind that noise you heard It's just the beast under neath your bed in your closet and in your head.

Creepypasta rp 6

Tick Tock~ By yours truly!  Tick Tock is super sweet! Hes a larger doll, with a tad bit of weight because of the clock parts. He is a sitter. He wears a grungy diaper and vintage lace collar with a vintage metal button. *He is more defined in real life, my camera is not picking up all his details. You can see his hair the best in the last photo!  Tick Tock is not a toy and not for children.

Tick Tock~ creepy steampunk doll

Tick Tock creepy steampunk doll by EleganceOfTheHeart on Etsy Suzi I bet we could get Wayne to make us one of these.

Halloween makeup // Halloween Inspiration 2016

21 Scary Halloween Make Up Ideas

Beauty and the Mist - everything about beauty: Easy Halloween Make Up Ideas for Men and Women

I am not taking any chances

bro i always skip the stupid ghost stories and the if you dont repost they will come for you but i aint taking no chances with a spider man

'I think my cat is trying to summon a demon'...

Cat owners capture hilarious moments their pets did something silly

'I think my cat is trying to summon a demon'. So glad my cat isn't doing that!

Scary Two Sentence Horror Stories

Scary Two Sentence Horror Stories

Funny pictures about Scary Two Sentence Horror Stories. Oh, and cool pics about Scary Two Sentence Horror Stories. Also, Scary Two Sentence Horror Stories photos.

Freaky Places - Haunted Yorkshire. I imagined like Ron burgundy trying to do an exorcist hear for the sake of the newscast, and he gets scared and fails and then gets thrown in the basement saying "stay classy America" to like a grudge looking person xD

Freaky Places - Haunted Yorkshire///// hi welcome to Minnesota, the place I no longer wish to live.