A Lesson Before Dying. Round House Theatre. Scenic design by Tony Cisek.

A Lesson Before Dying, TONY CISEK scenic design. Can't find a theatre in NWI interested in producing it yet. Great scenic idea for a psychological drama.

Giovanna D'Arco from Teatro Regio di Parma. Directed by Gabriele Lavia. Sets by Andrea Viotti.

TEXTURE Texture of the pink dots makes it look like multiple trees are together making a floral canopy.

The Hobbit. Redgrave Theatre, Farnham. Scenic design by Colin Winslow.

It uses the exact same main set piece and looks different every time. Lighting and the backdrop work perfectly to set each individual scene.

Lucy. Delaware Theatre Company. Scenic design by Alexis Distler.

***Cool but would rely a lot on the props to convey traditional aspects. Opportunity to deconstruct set down to something like this? Scenic design by Alexis Distler.

Ghosts. Scenic design by Elroy Ashmore.

Scenic design by Elroy Ashmore. I like the mystery mood this set puts out.

This is very elegant and draws attention to the center which appears to be where the scene would take place.

A scenic designer creates theatrical, as well as film and television scenery. Scenic designers come from a variety of artistic backgrounds, but in recent years, are mostly trained professionals, holding a B. degrees in theater arts.