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What Do You Know About Schizophrenia

Rethink Mental Illness Infographic - share so people understand schizophrenia. This makes me think of all my sick patients at work who are mistreated and misunderstood.

Identity  "What is Schizophrenia? Definition, Types and Symptoms of Schizophrenia"

What is Schizophrenia? Definition, Types and Symptoms of Schizophrenia

The Mind Is A Wondrous Thing

The Mind Is A Wondrous Thing

The Mind Is A Wondrous Thing Interesting Art Therapy activity maybe?


a glimpse of mental illness! This is an amazing interpretation of the anguish of mental illness. No laughing matter! Inspiration to layered etchings

Schizophrenia by Christian Sampson

Visual Representation of Mental Disorders

On the edge - Mental Illness Very touching photo that helps put some peoples' illnesses into perspective

I really like this photo as it is not just disguising the person themselve but it is also disguising emotion that the girl is feeling. It almost gives the impression of an explosion of feeling and emotion. It can also present the feeling of insanity.

ART A2 IDEAS on Pinterest | Schizophrenia, Mental Illness and ...

read "Stained by Voices", a short sentimental story about depression, mental illness and suicide.all in one by Adetutu. Artwork: Unknown "Mental i.

A prison of her own making? Look for THE WATCHER, next in the Crossing Realms #paranormal #romance series!

20 Motivational Posters On Facebook That Mean Absolutely Nothing

"Prisoner" a dark eye image. Once Miranda is confined in the small prison, she only lives in the ‘’eyes’’ of Frederick. The beautiful teenager will die inside the little cage, only seen by a psychopath collector.