The Apricot Schnoodle: Easily trained, don't shed, hypoallergenic, can be trained as therapy dogs

A Schnoodle? A cross between a Poodle and Schnauzer? PP: Growing Puppies - Virginia Schnoodle Breeder --Hypoallergenic Dogs: The Apricot Schnoodle

A schnauzer /ˈʃnaʊzər/ (German: [ˈʃnaʊtsɐ], plural Schnauzer, lit. translation "snouter") is a dog breed that originated in Germany in the 15th and 16th centuries. READ MORE

Do your dogs rug their noses on the floor before a meal? Kay is hoping for some advice and insight into her dogs unusual habit.

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The Affenpinscher a. the friendly little Ewok dog! I like their little monkey faces and also the fact that they are one of the ancestors of the Miniature Schnauzer breed.

I want a schnauzer so bad, but I'd keep him scruffy and cute like this fella, not clipped with a weird moustache.

Miniature Schnauser Puppy -- he's so cute! I want one - i have 2 already though.

Schnauzer snow

All these portraits are entrants from The Kennel Club& Dog Photographer of the Year 2014 competition.

Get to Know the Miniature Schnauzer - breed info from Dogster

Among dog breeds, the Schnauzer is known for being loyal and loving but also adventurous.