100 student council ideas

100 student council ideasSome ideas may be okay for middle school - or others may work with some slight changes

Spirit Day Ideas

Spirit days are a great way to build a community feeling in the classroom! My grade 6 teacher Ms. L always had us all get so into spirit days and it made our class so close. I hope to do the same for my future class too.

Kindness tree to display random acts of kindness (picture only) Instead of hearts, use leaves for spring.

Ripple Kindness on

Kindness tree to display random acts of kindness (picture only). It would be fun to have kids write down kind acts they have been recipients of, as well as kind acts they have done.

Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like A Somebody! Random Acts of Kindness Bulletin Board

15 ways to start 2015 with kindness. Random acts of kindness civility board. RA / resident advisor / resident assistant / bulletin board- I could do "be somebody dumbledore would be proud of?

Student Council Advisor--FREE Binder Printable

I was a student council advisor for graders for 5 years before I changed schools. It was an absolute joy to work with my wonderful students (and it was even more fun to make all of the cute binder covers that I used to keep myself organized!