Josan Gonzalez has the second volume of his awesome sci-fi comic/art book The Future is Now up on Kickstarter.

Awesome Dystopian Sci-Fi Art? Don't Mind If We Do.

Dive into The Art of Josan Gonzales an Illustrator based in Spain.

old sci fi comic book covers -- this is what is lost in the digital age --retro-science-fiction-covers-2

IF Science Fiction – 28 couvertures rétro de la science-fiction des années 50 – 60

old sci fi comic book covers -- this is what is lost in the digital age --retro-science-fiction-covers

science fiction pulp art | All For the Low Low Cost of Nothing But Your Sanity

Donald Newton - Very handy ray gun when a space octopus has captured a space minx!

The SciFi Timeline

The Sci-fi genre contains some fantastic and horrifying ideas about the future, but how far away are they? The Sci-Fi Timeline created by Glow places classic sci-fi movies and games on a very long timeline.

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Weapon & Armor Concepts: These look so cool! Whoever drew these weapons is seriously awesome!

vintage sci fi - Google Search

Astounding Science Fiction October cover by Ed "Emsh" Emshwiller (Note: My apt neighbor and My Dean of Cal Arts Film School. Kind hearted, sweet, easy to talk to and funny.

Love cheesy sci-fi

The Timeless Ones. By Eric Frank Russell Science Fiction Quarterly, 132 pages, vintage comic book