A good way to compare and contrast animals and plants is to use a hula hoop venn diagram. This can be put on the bulletin board and can be hung up for an extended period of time and is easy to see.

I would use this hula hoop Venn diagram to teach the class about environmental adaptations. I would ask the students to give examples and write them on strips of paper to hang in the correct place.

Brighten up your classroom and inspire your students with these 40 posters of quotes from some of the most important and influential scientists in history.

Science posters & assignment

Guess the scientist each week? But still put my favorite scientists board with kids names on them. Kids make their own names during Open House.

Science Mindset Bulletin Board I heard a "ting" during my most challenging class today and was reminded that I had yet to check my inbox. So, after the students scurried out the door,  I sat down to c

Science Mindset: Do you think like a Scientist? (Kate's Classroom Cafe)

Science Bulletin Board Do you think like a scientist? This Science Bulletin Board emphasizes the science process and a growth mindset. Display all year long as a reminder of how scientists stay optimistic, open-minded and dedicated to improvement.

Science Bulletin Board! This post shows a way to re-purpose an already-amazing board.

Mad About Science Bulletin Boards!

This post tells a way to re-purpose an amazing board. When I took the original board down I saved all the pieces and…

Mad scientist in training door

Maybe decorate our entry door like this but add something about experimenting with obedience for August Weird Science theme