Actually no my ex girlfriend was virgo and well she made me a mess...ugh

Signs that will bring out your best. Yes two of my closets best friends are Taurus and they always bring out the best in me. Better than any other win could TBH

do I pin to astrology or gay space rocks

Life and death and birth and peace and war on the planet earth ~Steven universe

scorpio and capricorn whats your compatibility? #scorpiocompatibility #scorpiocapricorn #scorpioandcapricorn #capricorncompatibility #capricorn #scorpio

scorpio and capricorn whats your compatibility?

Scorpio and Capricorn friendship #Scorpio #astrology #zodiac

Scorpio and Capricorn friendship - i love my scorps, the more poisonous the better

As an Aries I can confirm that this is true (at least for me and also ask my friends they'll confirm it as well)

I'm a Leo and in class I tell a lot of people I love them so I definitely relate to this