7 Characteristics of a Scorpio

The only thing on this list that really matters is the detective thing, hell yeah we'd be awesome at it!

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Traits the Signs Keep Hidden - I'm a Sagg, Aquarius, Capricorn mix. and though most astrological descriptions don't seem to fit - this was dead on.

12 Zodiac Signs as Badass. Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign - Strong & Underestimated Badass

12 Zodiac Signs as Badass. Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign - Strong & Underestimated Badass<<< Unexpectedly charming badass here

This Scorpio Constellation is a 1825 celestial hand-colored etching featuring the zodiac sign Scorpio, enhanced and reproduced just for this plate. Listing is for plate in first view, one 10 inch melamine plate made to order and made for a good time. Please note that the artwork is beautifully aged and distressed. Matching platter and the astrological characteristic plates for this zodiac sign coordinate with the constellation plate and are listed separately. One plate lists the good or…

Scorpio stars melamine plate

Young heart, old mind

Young heart(child like, vulnerable and open) old mind (intuitive, wise, analytic and creative)<< ima libra sometimes it's true sometimes not so much this time it's

I experienced the "no big deal, dying inside" just tonight. Not sure if I can deal with someone who's emotionally stunted, doesn't know how to open up. I'm way too emotional, feel everything. I want to talk about and share my feelings; it makes me feel alive. That's not a bad thing, is it?

What the 12 Zodiac Signs Need to Hear. Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign-off needz a gemini to read this 😝

Pisces / Aries cusp....more like me than any Aries description, even though birthday is 26th March

Pisces zodiac, constellation melamine plate

Haha... Yep I'm a cancer and I sing all the time, not sure if I'm actually good... But I like to think I am.

Eheheh that is so true I can sing well (so i'm told) but I am so totally shy about it

Capricorn constellation melamine plate by TheMadPlatters on Etsy

Capricorn constellation melamine plate

Capricorn constellation zodiac on Plate Dec. 23 by TheMadPlatters \\ HAHAHA "Resent people prying into their affairs, but are great hands for prying into other people's business" . 👍🏾✨ ~ 😂 ded I swear.

Uh no. I'm Cancer but no. I will kill you if you try to wake me up. I slept until three in the afternoon today actually

I promise as an Aries this could not be more true. If you come in with your "the sun is shinning, the birds are chirping" crap I will hit you with the nearest object and my aim while have asleep will be spot on!