The Scorpio Woman-well... Not to toot my own horn, but this is beyond accurate. Love this!!!!

The Scorpio Woman-well. Not to toot my own horn, but this is so me. Love this!

Cute little sunshines, but could probably kill you with their bare hands… Ermmmm yeah, accurate!

The Two Types of Each Sign. zodiac im aries type 2 and i think brynn is Scorpio type 2

Leo, I don't depend on other people alot. But damn, I have a really good picese friend, and I've heard "it's all good, lol" a million times

Mine is so true!<<<Haha mine is pretty accurate too<---lol so true for me I'm an Aires <---- me and my friend are accurate too ♉♓

My take on the colour the zodiac signs auras would be :)

My take on the colour the zodiac signs auras would be :)

Turn-ons for the Signs <mine's really not accurate but okay

I'm saving this to my Alchemy board for the sake of the astrology aspect

A Queen Women Empowerment Quotes

31 Strong Women Empowerment Quotes with Images

Do not call me Princess. I am not a passage ornament. A princess has one purpose in life: breeding. I like making my own choices and I do not live my life waiting for a prince. Do NOT call me Princess.

True most of the time but if really hurt then I can hold a grudge for life!

How long can your sign hold a grudge? SCORPIO: all of eternity CAPRICORN: don't even bother apologizing!

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My whole family is in this: Papa was Capricorn RIP Papa.miss you bunches and bunches. Momma is Taurus. Me and older brother are Cancer.and Little brother and little sister are Pisces.and we are this way and will be there til the end.

haha too funny :)  I would never go to the bathroom in the woods.  Hell, I probably wouldn't even be camping :D


Bahahaha Aries and Aquarius got drunk and started jumping over the fire.