If this isn't the truth, then life is a lie...

Yeah, because it's easier to pretend, then admit you're breaking - hard.- sad but true- Scorpio

Scorpio - Zodiac Constellations Watercolour Art Print by sarahfrancesart #watercolor #homedecor #wallart

Scorpio - Zodiac Constellations Archival Art Print

TITLE: Scorpio - Zodiac Constellations SIZE: - Unframed art print of my original painting. All prints are signed on the back and are

So so true...sadly...we're the ones acting strong and like we have it together but when we're finally alone it's like we're allowed to just fall to pieces, away from anyone else...

Hiding it, swallowing it, bulldozing through it.yeah pain is no big thing. I mean its part of my being, embrace it.