Scott discik

Scott Discik Attacks #Paparazzi

This is the moment when Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Discik went berserk on a photographer after he got too close to the couple's baby Mason.

Scott Discik trägt Tochter Penelope in sein Haus.

Kourtney Kardashian & Kids: 1. Treffen mit Scott Disick nach Trennung

Scott Discik trägt Tochter Penelope in sein Haus.

From Buzzfeed: "Scott Disick Forgets to Shave, Becomes 100% More Bangable" hahahhha. oh my god.

Scott Disick Forgets To Shave, Becomes 100% More Bangable

Scott Disick

Don Dapper Dissick getting his Tan on.

Scott Disick hitting the jug HARD again and his companions believe he’s so far gone the main arrangement is recovery. Our Scott sources reveal to us he’s been in a descending winding si…

Gemini Scott Discik needs Rehab


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