Scott Eastwood, victime collatérale des tromperies d'Ashton Kutcher

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Rising star: Scott is shown in Augusut in North Carolina on the set of The Longest Ride...

Rising star: Scott Eastwood Clint Eastwood's son is shown in Augusut in North Carolina on the set of The Longest Ride.

oh, Scott Eastwood, you're stealin' my heart all of the time.

Here is another behind the scenes from Just thinking about what it must have been like to be on a film set in the I had dinner with my dad and asked him.

Scott Eastwood Is Taylor Swift's 'Wildest Dreams' Video Star!

Full Sized Photo of scott eastwoods latest shirtless pics for davidoff 08

ignore the patch, but this is the shot

Luke Collins, Ariat Athlete and PBR Bull Rider the longest ride- Nicholas sparks

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Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood, 29 Is there anyone cooler than Clint Eastwood? His actor son Scott has the same devil-may-care gaze to rival his dad. Recognise the face? He's Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams music video co-star.

Scott Eastwood shares a photo of his new lab puppy, Freddy, to Instagram on Sept. 18, 2015.

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Scott Eastwood adopts a white Labrador puppy and names him Freddy

Scott Eastwood

Dream boy right here Scott Eastwood photographed by Philip Mueller for The Gentleman’s Journal (April