Scott Eastwood Reveals What Clint Was Really Like as a Dad| Clint Eastwood, Movie News, Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood Reveals What Clint Was Really Like as a Dad

In the November issue of InStyle, Scott Eastwood. Whoa. I'm smitten.

Heartthrob Scott Eastwood On His Famous Last Name and Starring in Fury With Brad Pitt

In the November issue of InStyle, Scott Eastwood discusses his upcoming film "Fury" and his famous last name

I can't' explain why #ScottEastwood seems so perfect as the vision for Gavin in Seventh Inning Bliss. There's something boyish about him, something shy. #romancenovels #sportsromance

9 Photos That Will Make You Wish Scott Eastwood Were Christian Grey

Clint and Scott Eastwood

OMG! Clint Eastwood’s Son Is Super Hot!

Clint Eastwood, and his son Scott Eastwood (I would say life is fair.we get to enjoy their good genes for more than one generation.

Scott Eastwood On Clint: 'Dad Punched Me, It Was Old-School.' - GQ

Lol he's adorable/Scott Eastwood On Clint: 'Dad Punched Me, It Was Old-School.

"I want to be a man's man -- not a kid actor or a glitzy pop star, but a no bullshit leading man." - Scott Eastwood.  Proof there are still real men in the world.

Hot and Rugged from Scott Eastwood's Sexy Town & Country Shoot

Clint Eastwood's son, Scott Eastwood, appears in the October 2013 issue of Town & Country.RELATED: More on Scott Eastwood's style and upcoming projects in Town & Country Clint Eastwood's son Scott Eastwood : )

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Scott Eastwood Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Measurements Scott Eastwood Personal Details Scott Eastwood's Birth Name : Scott Clinton Reeves Scott Eastwood's

A BEAUTIFUL BOY - HOPE HE TREATS WOMEN BETTER :-) Scott Eastwood, right, at Tuesday night's 'Warm Bodies' premiere (Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic)

Scott Eastwood looks — and acts — like his dad

Scott Eastwood Age: 28  Father: Clint Eastwood

Scott Eastwood Photos - Actor Scott Eastwood arrives at the premiere of Open Road Films' 'Sabotage' at the Regal Cinemas L. Live on March 2014 in Los Angeles, California. - 'Sabotage' Premieres in LA — Part 2

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Can You Tell Young Clint & Scott Eastwood Apart?

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Can You Tell Young Clint & Scott Eastwood Apart?

Horus, Age:5 years old (24 in human) Mate:Has a massive crush on Ebony Personality:Sarcastic, Reckless,Insane, Impulsive, and fun-loving.

24 Years old. He is often second chair to his brother and even sometimes his sister.

<3 I hope he has a son my age..and that he comes and finds me :)

Young Clint Eastwood Looking Spectacular! Imagine waking up to see that next to you every morning?

Being a Gentleman is a choice, it’s your actions and you manner. Not the amount of money you have.

scott eastwood photos 002 Scott Eastwood is Captured Poolside for Man of the World- Son of Clint Eastwood.

It Runs in the Family: The Sexiest Father-Son Duos | CLINT & SCOTT EASTWOOD | "My dad was always super-active and got me in the gym at a young age," says Scott, 29, who made a splash in a 2013 shirtless spread in Town & Country. This year, Scott won a Teen Choice Award for The Longest Ride.

Gallery of Fame: 'Look at Me!' Art Work

Look Familiar? Model Kids with Famous Parents | SCOTT EASTWOOD | Age: 28 Parents: Clint Eastwood & Jacelyn Reeves Where you've seen him: He showed off his model looks – and killer abs – in Town & Country in 2013 and has since modeled for Hugo Boss (and broken a few hearts).

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It's all in the genes

It's all in the genes

I tell dillon all the time he's got clint eastwood genes and will be a very handsome old man ahahah