Bargain hunters eye North Sea - - #IOG, #PMG

Independent Oil and Gas PLC (LON:IOG) appreciated hugely by the last call of the day - DirectorsTalk

Timeline: Scottish independence referendum

Timeline: Scottish independence referendum

Gracious Living Lifestyle Exploration Retreat in Scotland Aug 2014

Scottish Independence Referendum: Live Results

Scottish Independence Referendum: The Final Results

Scottish Independence Referendum: Live Results

Scottish Independence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Video Licks: Watch 'Last Week Tonight's' Report on the Scottish Independence Vote - Comedy Cake

Detailed results from the the 32 local government areas in the Scottish independence referendum.

Live results as they come in from across Scotland, reporting voters’ response to the referendum question: ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ Initial declarations are expected from Edinburgh time, and a definitive result about five hours later

Nicola Sturgeon 'tried to DUPE Scots into independence' when SNP needs UK more than EVER - -

Alex Salmond warns Theresa May NOT to block second Scottish referendum on Newsnight

Scottish independence referendum 2014 explained | Guardian Animations - YouTube

An animated explanation of some fundamental questions prior to the referendum on Scottish independence [[polls close in a half hour]]

Live results from the Scottish independence referendum

Scottish independence: referendum results - as it happened

Scotland votes No to independence; Queen says 'an enduring love of Scotland' will unite Britons, as Alex Salmond announces that he will resign as Scottish First Minister

Here's pretty much everything you need to know about the Scottish independence referendum.

Everything you need to know about the Scottish independence referendum

The Scottish independence referendum is now looming alarmingly. And if more people vote 'yes' than.