Also fiddles and violins are exactly the same instrument. So it's really a cello, a viola & a full and half size (for smaller ppl) violin/fiddle

I play the French horn and trumpet and this is so true. Band people don't even complain because at least your instruments LOOK DIFFERENT! Everybody thinks that the violin and the viola are the same. All of the orchestra instruments look so similar!

I laughed so. friggin. hard!

This kid is not alone. I play tuba and enjoy listening to classical music but in my school no one really cares what ur in to

Awww we've got to find Brendon a bandmate

Pete must be sad that his other little band member babies broke up. I wonder if he shipped ryden?<<<<< let's be honest here, Pete probably created ryden, I mean that sounds like such a Pete thing.

Something's Gotta Give All Time Low Poster, 61cm x 91.5cm #alltimelow #atl #rockmusic #americanband

Something's Gotta Give All Time Low Poster

Something's Gotta Give All Time Low Poster, x -- Brb screaming cause the future hearts album is so perfect!

I am trying to decide how i feel about this i think i want to unsee it << ... Ray, wtf?!?

Here's a shot of the band back in taken at an NME photo shoot. During that year, they released their second album 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge', which went platinum in just over one year. Here's our track by track guide to the new album.