this picture of body hair turns me on more than like 90% of the men I meet

Love scruff on a man.another masculine trait maybe a little less than this picture. I like swarthy men.

Sam Elliott - only a few men can make long gray scruffiness look this hot.

Sam Elliott - young, old, moustache, clean shaven or in between, he's classically "handsome"

BERRY hot men: Bearded hotties (31 photos)

BERRY hot men: Bearded hotties (31 photos)

Sometimes you can look at an image and it makes you smile, laugh or even cry. This one makes me happy and smile.

Eion Bailey pinocchio on ABC's Once Upon A Time

Whilst beards have been trending for well over a year now, more and more men are going for this look! The tousled, volumised beach style hair is really in this season! If you have longish hair, ask your barber if this look would suit you!

Le célèbre acteur hollywoodien, George Clooney, souffle ce vendredi ses 55…

Bon anniversaire George Clooney !

CBS exec: George Clooney “not a leading man” or why you should never listen to “experts”

Cirrus's hair style; it goes every which way of its own accord and doesn't like to be flattened

Can We Tell You What Your Ideal Man Looks Like?